For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.  The Revelation of Jesus Christ 9: 18-19

Exepted from a book by: Jeff Johnson called

In the Word, it says: "... we are not the MANY which corrupt the Word of God".  The Bible tells us that MANY people are trying to corrupt the Word of God. In previous comparisons we have seen SOME of the heresy which has crept into these 'modern' versions of the Bible. We have seen the denial of the deity of Jesus, the removal of Jesus' blood as the atonement for our sins, we have seen Catholic doctrine, etc. etc.

In this chapter we will look at another category of corruption included in 'modern' versions: It is 'New Age Doctrine'.

Q U E S T I O N S    F O R   N E W A G E R S

In this section we will pose several questions to 'New Agers'. We will then analyze their response(s) and check for the presence of 'New Age' doctrine in 'new versions' of the Bible.

Question #1 For New Agers:
Who is God?

"WE ARE ALL 100% divine" - Maharishi [S3P184].

"ALL MEN are innate divinity" - Annie Besant [S3P184].

"The knowingness of OUR divinity is the highest intelligence ... YOU 
are divine. But YOU must continually remember YOUR Divinity ... we had all forgotten we were EACH Divine" - Shirley MacLaine [S3P184].

"We need a World Religion ... based on DIVINE ESSENCE IN EACH PERSON. Peace can only come when we recognize THE DIVINITY IN EACH PERSON" - 
Lola Davis [S3P184].

The first 'New Age' belief is that MAN is divine, i.e. God. Now let's see if that corrupt doctrine is in 'new versions'.

Scripture Reading NASB KJV
Psalm 8:5 Yet Thou hast made him a little lower than GOD For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels

"New versions fall back into ... a belief in the divinity of man" [S3P184].

Not only do some 'new versions' place man up with God, but these 'new versions' also change God from the personage of the Trinity to a 'nature' or 'divine nature'. In other words, 'new versions' lower God. For example:

Scripture Reading Verse NASB, NIV KJV
Romans 1:20 divine nature Godhead

Question #2 For New Agers:
Are devils real?

"[T]he Church is wrong with calling them Devils ... [T]he word demon however, as in the case of Socrates, and in the spirit of the meaning given to it by the whole of antiquity, stand[s] for the Guardian Spirit or Angel not a Devil of Satanic descent as Theology would have it ... 
Demons is a very loose word to use as it applies to ... minor Gods; ... there are no devils" - Luciferian, Mme. Blavatsky [S3P218-9].

A second 'New Age' belief is that there are no such things as 'devils'. Let's look at some 'new versions' to check for this error.

Scripture Reading Verse NASB, NIV KJV
Deut. 32:17 demons devils
Psalm 106:37 demons devils
Matt. 8:16 demons devils
Matt. 8:31 demons devils
Matt. 9:34 demons devils
Matt. 10:8 demons devils
Matt. 12:24 demons devils

Indeed, new versions ignore the existence of devils. New versions change 'devils' to 'demons'.

Question #3 For New Agers:
Are Christians Slaves or Servants of Christ?

First off; let's define those terms. Per Webster's dictionary:

Servant: "... one who exerts himself for the benefit of another master ... as a public servant, an official of the government". [S3P221]

Slave: "... a person HELD in bondage, a thrall. One who has LOST CONTROL of himself, freedom of action. A drudge." [S3P221].

Per Webster, there is a big difference between servants and slaves. Servants work because they WANT TO. Servants have RETAINED their freedom. Slaves work because they HAVE TO. Slaves have LOST their freedom.

So how do New Agers see Christians?

"The New Agers see ... Christ's Church as: '... bigoted and cruel to all who do not choose to be it's SLAVES'" [S3P223].

"New Age leaders say Adam was a 'SLAVE' before he ate from the Tree of Life. He was then 'emancipated' just like Lucifer, who '... preferred free will to passive slavery'. 

Another New Age author writes:

'[D]ogmas have made weaklings and SLAVES of men ... Justification by faith and vicarious atonement were taught as Gospel truth and man became a greater SLAVE than before'" [S3P223].

Thus, New Agers see Christians as 'slaves' of Christ. 

Now, let's see if this 'New Age' belief is in some 'modern' versions. (The following table is from [S3P224-225]).

Scripture Reading Verse NASB, NIV, RSV, NKJV KJV
Mark 10:44 slave servant
1 Co. 7:21 slave servant
1 Co. 7:22 slave servant
Eph. 6:8 slave servants

Sure enough, 'New Age Doctrine' can be added to our list of errors contained in 'new versions'. 

Question #4 For New Agers:
Who does 'Christ' refer to?

Roy Livesey: author and publisher of the New Age Bulletin, in England, says: "Christ, however doesn't refer to the Lord Jesus Christ but to the World Teacher" [S3P322].

Thus, New Agers change Jesus Christ (the Master) to just a "teacher". Let's see if 'new versions' do the same. ( The following table is from [S3P323] ).

Scripture Reading Verse NASB, NIV, etc. etc. KJV
Matt. 8:19 Teacher Master
Matt. 17:24 teacher master
Matt. 23:8 Teacher Master
Mark 4:38  Teacher Master
Mark 5:35 Teacher Master
Mark 13:1 Teacher Master
Mark 14:14 Teacher Master
Luke 3:12 Teacher Master
Luke 8:49 Teacher Master
Luke 11:45 Teacher Master
Luke 12:13 Teacher Master
Luke 18:18 Teacher Master
Luke 19:39 Teacher Master
Luke 20:21 Teacher Master
Luke 20:39 Teacher Master
Luke 21:7 Teacher Master
Luke 22:11 Teacher Master
John 4:31 Rabbi Master
John 11:8 Rabbi Master
John 11:28 Rabbi Master
John 20:16 Rabbi Master

Question #5 For New Agers:
Is doctrine important?

Edwin Luzer: "Doctrine is NOT IMPORTANT [in the New Age]. What is important is religious experience" [S3P328].

Once Jesus is no longer 'Master', notice what happens to Christian doctrine: doctrine is then no longer important! In new versions, doctrine is 'watered down' to the generic term: 'teaching'. For example: ( The following table is from [S3P326-327] ).

Scripture Reading Verse NASB, NIV, etc. etc. KJV
Matt. 7:28 teaching doctrine
Matt. 16:12 teaching doctrine
Matt. 22:33 teaching doctrine
Mark 1:22 teaching doctrine
Mark 1:27 teaching doctrine
Mark 4:2 teaching doctrine
Mark 11:18 teaching doctrine
Mark 12:38 teaching doctrine
Luke 4:32 teaching doctrine
John 7:16 teaching doctrine
John 7:17 teaching doctrine
John 18:19 teaching doctrine
Acts 2:42 teaching doctrine
Acts 13:12 teaching doctrine
Acts 17:19 teaching doctrine
Romans 6:17 teaching doctrine
Romans 16:17 teaching doctrine
1 Co. 14:6 teaching doctrine
1 Co. 14:26 teaching doctrine
1 Tim. 1:10 teaching doctrine
1 Tim.4:13 teaching doctrine
1 Tim.4:16 teaching doctrine
1 Tim.5:17 teaching doctrine
2 Tim.3:10 teaching doctrine
2 Tim.3:16 teaching doctrine
2 John 1:9 teaching doctrine
Rev. 2:14, 15, 24 teaching doctrine

Does this remind you of 2nd Timothy 4:3 ? i.e.:

"For the time will come when they will NOT ENDURE SOUND DOCTRINE; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves TEACHERS ..." [S3P327].

As Christians we KNOW doctrine is important! Religious historian David L. Johnson says: 

"Doctrine specifically states that which is of ULTIMATE CONCERN" [S3P327].

Or put another way: "Our plan of action REQUIRES ... sound doctrine. [I]t is the formal 
BASIS of our opinions and beliefs. If we do not maintain good doctrine then all manner of BAD TEACHING can creep into the Church" [S3P327]. ( And isn't this happening in these 'new versions' ? )

Question #6 For New Agers:
Is God going to judge the world?

Ramtha: "God ... will allow you to be and do ANYTHING you wish and hold you JUDGELESS. God HAS NEVER judged anyone." [S3P287].

Comment: "Since the destruction of the earth is a result of God's judgment, those verses describing the severity of that judgment are 'softened up' or omitted. (The following table is from [S3P286-287]).

Scripture Reading  NASB, NIV, etc. KJV
Mark 6:11 omitted the day of judgement
Mark 9:44 omitted  Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched
Mark 9:46 omitted Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched
Luke 17:36 omitted Two men shall be in the field;
the one shall betaken, and the other left.

Question #7 For New Agers:
Where do sinners go when they die?

H.P. Blavatsky: " ... Hell and its sovereign are both INVENTIONS of Christianity." [S3P291].

Let's see what this 'New Age' belief has done to 'modern' versions: ( The following table is from [S3P292] ).

Scripture Reading Verse NIV KJV
Deut. 32:22 death hell
Job 26:6 death hell
Prov. 23:14 death hell
Prov. 27:20 death hell
Isa. 28:18 death hell

Notice that Hell, a place of eternal torment and punishment, has been changed to the generic term: 'death'.

Question #8 For New Agers: 
In the end times, what will happen to the earth?

First off; let's see what God says in the KJV: 

"... the earth also and the works that are therein shall be BURNED UP." ( II Peter 3:10 ).

"Luciferian H.P. Blavatsky: 'Both Jesus and St. John the Baptist preached the end of the Age ... So little did the UNINITIATED CHRISTIANS understand that they accepted the words of Jesus literally and firmly believed he meant the end of the world'" [S3P283].

New Agers believe that this 'world' will remain. They DO NOT believe the world will burn up as stated in the Bible. Instead New Agers believe in a nebulous concept of one age ending and a 'New Age' then beginning.

Now, let's see if this 'New Age' belief has been injected into 'modern' versions. ( The following table is from [S3P285] ).

Scripture Reading NASB, NIV, etc.  KJV
Dan. 12:13 end of the age end of the days
Matt. 13:39 end of the age end of the world
Matt. 13:40 end of the age end of this world
Matt. 13:49 end of the age at the end of the world
Matt. 28:20 I am with you always, even unto the end of the age. lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.

The 'New Age' corruption, that the sinful earth will remain, is also included in 'new versions'. 

As G.A. Riplinger points out:
"If the world ends the sinner has nothing to stand on; if the age ends, he merely changes his calendar"

Something to think about!

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